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Senators approve new electoral reform

Bill adds excess media ‘acquisition’ as nullifcation cause


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MEXICO CITY – The senate on Wednesday unanimously approved the electoral reform to Article 41 of the Mexican constitution.

The reform establishes the ability to nullify local and federal elections if candidates acquire more media coverage than the law permits.

Constitutional Matters Committee President Enrique Burgos García said that the reform is simple in form, but transcendent in its contents and reaches.

He said that the addition, which was President Enrique Peña Nieto’s proposal, will not only go after the politician who acquires media exposure in an illegal manner, but also for the person who buys it. He added that there will be grave consequences for those who commit the crime.

The Chamber of Deputies had originally taken the word “acquire” out of the legislation, but the senate approved an inititive by President Enrique Peña Nieto to restore the article to the form it held before the last-minute change by deputies in 2013.

The decision considered that the action of “buying” time on radio or television was too limited, and only made illegal the cash transaction. The inclusion of both terms covers all bases, and makes it much more difficult to commit the act.

Justice Juan Carlos Silva Adaya said that the political-electoral reform changes the face of the Mexican state, saying that it is important to think about the contents of the new normative framework that authorities and political actors will soon have to abide by.

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