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UAEM students win nat’l prize

Students at the Tourism and Culinary School of the Autonomous University of Mexico State (UAEM) came in first place in the 4th Festival of the 32 Gastronomies of Mexico, organized by the Querétaro winery La Redonda.

The Festival of the 32 Gastronomies of Mexico brings together groups of chefs representing universities from around the country to prepare the traditional foods of each state in Mexico. This year’s festival marked the first time that a public school has participated — and therefore, the first time a public school came in first place.

The UAEM team — which included the students Luis Fernando Marín Valdés, José Eduardo Archundia Rojas, David Germán Lujambio Oropeza, Leticia Rodríguez Martínez, Jessica García Gutiérrez, Ana Karen Guzmán Lagunas, Elisa Moheyer Serrato, José Iván Ramírez Ortega, Rodrigo Becerril Delgadillo and Iris Chantal García Becerril — was picked to prepare food from the state of Sinaloa.

The team prepared smoked marlin tostadas, accompanied by wine from La Redonda. They accompanied their dish with a presentation of their research on Sinaloa’s traditional cuisine.

The judges chose the UAEM team for their innovative recipe, cooking techniques and their knowledge of the dishes they prepared. The University says the academic tools and knowledge they acquired at the UAEM allowed these students to become highly competitive.


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